Art FundamentalsTeachers: Holly Houston & Melissa Noack

Imagination Exercises



Class Calendar
Open House Fall 2011

In-Class Assignments

**Final Reflection - iweb**

Noack, P3 & P4, in-class Fri. 1/27

**Peer Feedback**

Still-Life Drawing Self-Assessment/Rubric
Houston, 4B, Do In Class Thurs. 1/26

Still-Life Drawing Self-Assessment & Rubric

Noack, P4, Due Fri. 1/25
Noack, P3, Due Fri. 1/26

Still-Life Drawing Portfolio Goals/Criteria

Houston, 4B, Due Thurs. 1/26

Still-life Drawing Portfolio Goals & Criteria

Noack, P4, Due Wed. 1/25
Noack, P3, Due Thurs. 1/26

Drawing Portfolio Timeline

Noack, Period 3
Noack, Period 4

iweb portfolio revisions (x2)

Noack, P3, in-class, Thurs. 1/5
P4, in-class, Fri. 1/6

Portrait Value Painting Assessment

Noack, P3 & P4, Due Fri. 1/6
Houston: Due Fri. 1/13

Midpoint Value Portrait Painting

iweb Midpoint Portfolio Rubric

Houston Due Wed. 12/14

Value Portrait Painting

Winslow Homer Page Directions
Sense of Place Box Page Directions (Houston)
Iweb Portfolio Directions
P3 (Noack) Due: Tues.11/29
P4 (Noack) Due: Thurs. 12/1
Houston: Due Tues. 12/6

Sense of Place Box Assessment
Personal Space Box
Due: (Noack)Mon. 11/21 P3 & Tues. 11/22, P4
Houston: Due Wed. 11/30

Sense of Place Mid-Point Critique

**Steps for Creating Personal Space Box**

Final Planning: Complete after Tunnel Book
P3 (Noack) Due: Mon.11/7
P4 (Noack) Due: Wed. 11/9 (at the end of class)

Tunnel Book Peer Looking

Clay Pinch Pot Rubric

Page O'Rourke's painting site
Intro to Color: Color Wheel, Tints, & Intensities
P4 (Noack) Due: 11/3

Movie Notes
Noack: Due:
P3 & P4: 10/20

Determining Your Place
P3: End of school day, Fri. 10/14
P4: Fri. 10/28
(Houston) Wed. 11/2

Homer movie Rubric
P3: End of school day, Fri. 10/14
Exporting imovie
Homer imovie Project
P3 (Noack) - Thurs. 10/13
P4 (Noack) - Wed. 10/12
Houston - Mon. 10/17

Introduction to Winslow Homer

Due: Part A & B
P3 (Noack) - End of Class, Tues. 10/4
P4 (Noack) - End of Class, Wed. 10/5

Setting up iweb portfolio

Writing Introduction to on-line Portfolio

P3 (Noack) - Tues. 10/4P4 (Noack) - Wed. 10/5
Tues. 10/11 (Houston)

3D Clay Forms

Stamping Space

Artist Exploration Poster Assessment

Artist Exploration Project

Elements and Principles of Design Activity

Student Web Pages

Student Gallery (Houston)

Student Gallery (Noack)

Homework Assignments

Final iWeb Check List and Assessment
Final iWeb Reflection
Houston: We will work IN CLASS on this
but you might want to do some ahead of time Thurs. 1/26

Portrait Value Painting Assessment

Houston: Due Fri. 1/13

Artist Draw and Analyze

Noack P3 Due: Mon. 1/9
Noack P4 Due: Tues. 1/10
Houston P4 Due: Mon. 1/9

Winslow Homer and Box Web Pages
Due Thurs: 1/5 (Houston)

**Portrait Artist Research**
P3 (Noack) Due: Thurs.12/1
P4 (Noack) Due: Thurs. 12/1
Houston Due: Mon. 12/12

Joseph Cornell Focus
Due Thurs. 12/8

**Color Schemes and Comic Life**
P3 (Noack) Due: Mon.11/7
P4 (Noack) Due: Wed. 11/9
Print & give to sub, be sure your name is on it.
Houston: Due Tues. 11/15

Intro to Color:
P4 (Noack) Due: 11/3
Due Friday, 11/4 (Houston)

Copy Drawing from Photo Assignment
(steps 8 - 11)
Due: P3 - Tues. 10/25
Due: P4 - Fri. 10/28
Due (Houston) Mon. 10/31

Photography Assignment

Photographers & Composition

Due:P3: Mon. 10/17P4: Tues. 10/18
Friday 10/21 (Houston)

Finding Compositions

Tues. 10/4 - P3 (Noack)
Fri. 10/7 - P4 (Noack)
Tues. 10/4 (Houston)

Islamic Art
Mon. 9/26 - P3 (Noack)Mon. 9/26 - (Houston)Tues. 9/27, P4 (Noack)
Powers of Positive/Negative Space (Notan)
Fri, 9/16 - P3 (Noack)
Wed, 9/14 - P4B (Houston)
Mon, 9/19 - P4W (Noack)

Notan Resource

Admired ArtDue Thurs. 9/8 4B(Houston)Due Thurs. 9/8 - P3(Noack)